0: Reflections



1.  Unseen Sin
2.  Beware the Roaring Lion
3.  God With Us
4.  Compassion
5.  Fill, Rule, and Subdue
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  Short Story
1.  Not In My Footsteps
2.  Protected
3.  Low Expectations
4.  Do You Hear The Music?
5.  Granddad's Hands
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1.  Here Lies the Rose
2.  In Denial?
3.  O Wretched Man That I Am
4.  Storms.
5.  Cup of Tea
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1.  The Voice of One
2.  Did You See?
3.  Bring Us Joy in the Morning
4.  Bananas
5.  Raising Abel
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1.  Parting Weighs
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  Just For Fun
1.  The Raven
2.  No article for today
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Devotional Listing

Title Date Type
Unseen Sin 2021-12-28 Sin, Repentance
Beware the Roaring Lion 2021-12-27 Encouragement
God With Us 2021-12-25 Faith, Trust
Compassion 2021-12-23 Prayer
Fill, Rule, and Subdue 2021-12-22 Growth
Mirror, Mirror 2021-12-21 Worship
To Whom Do We Listen? 2021-12-16 Growth
Solomon's Quandary 2021-12-13 Growth
Surrendering to the Status Quo 2021-12-11 Faith, Trust
Anger Unfounded 2021-12-09 God's Will
Jesus, Master of Parables 2021-12-08 Growth
Feast Your Eyes 2021-12-07 Growth
Insanity 2021-12-03 Faith, Trust
Fruits of Freedom 2021-11-30 Faith, Trust
Pleasant Words 2021-11-29 Encouragement
All In A Day's Work 2021-11-28 Faith, Trust
Praise and Thanksgiving 2021-11-27 Worship
Thanksgiving 2021-11-26 Faith, Trust
A Time to Mourn 2021-11-25 Lamentations
You Are Forgiven 2021-11-24 Growth
Itching Ears 2021-11-23 Obedience
Open Our Eyes 2021-11-22 Growth
Moving On 2021-11-19 Encouragement
Resisting Temptation 2021-11-18 Growth
Rooted 2021-11-17 Holiness
Living Letters 2021-11-15 Growth
Thanking Out Loud 2021-11-13 Joy
Scattered and Emboldened 2021-11-12 Encouragement
Downcast 2021-11-09 Encouragement
Words Alone? 2021-11-06 Growth
In Him, Is 2021-11-05 Peace
The Way of Escape 2021-11-04 Encouragement
Today 2021-11-03 Encouragement
Be Not Deceived 2021-10-30 Holiness
His Desire 2021-10-29 Love
The Master's Return 2021-10-28 Eternity
Being Content 2021-10-27 Encouragement
The Ripple Effect 2021-10-26 Faith, Trust
Seek And Find 2021-10-24 Faith, Trust
Loving the Broken 2021-10-23 Encouragement
Snap Out of It 2021-10-20 Growth
Fighting for Holiness 2021-10-19 Growth
Providence 2021-10-16 Encouragement
Willing, Ready, Enabled 2021-10-15 Encouragement
Marked 2021-10-14 Growth
On Their Behalf 2021-10-13 Prayer
Faith A La Carte 2021-10-11 Faith, Trust
Right vs. Easy 2021-10-06 Growth
Get Inspired 2021-10-02 Encouragement
Between Sundays 2021-09-30 Encouragement
Do You Believe In God? 2021-09-29 Faith, Trust
High Places 2021-09-28 Worship
Without A Trace 2021-09-25 Growth
One Who Sows 2021-09-24 Lamentations
Blind Sighted 2021-09-23 Faith, Trust
Will Power 2021-09-22 Encouragement
Feeling Less Than Spiritual 2021-09-21 Encouragement
Moment-by-Moment 2021-09-20 Faith, Trust
One Truth 2021-09-19 Faith, Trust
When I Consider 2021-09-18 Contemplative
Spinning Your Wheels? 2021-09-17 Encouragement
Righteous Anger 2021-09-16 Growth
Choke Hold 2021-09-15 Faith, Trust
Coming Near 2021-09-14 Encouragement
Discerning God's Will 2021-09-13 God's Will
While We Sleep 2021-09-12 Growth
Foxes Have Holes 2021-09-10 God's Will
Just Follow 2021-09-09 Faith, Trust
Expectation 2021-09-07 Encouragement
War on Christianity 2021-09-06 Faith, Trust
Empty 2021-09-05 Encouragement
Blessed 2021-09-04 Faith, Trust
For All Have Sinned 2021-09-03 Sin, Repentance
Ears to Hear 2021-09-02 Growth
Unwelcome? 2021-08-31 Faith, Trust
Pray for the Preachers 2021-08-30 Growth
The Lord Is 2021-08-29 Encouragement
Unchained Obedience 2021-08-28 Obedience
Redeem the Time 2021-08-27 Growth
The Long Haul 2021-08-26 Faith, Trust
Results 2021-08-22 Faith, Trust
There Comes A Time 2021-08-21 Salvation
Minister to Me? 2021-08-20 Encouragement
God's Stirring 2021-08-19 Growth
Mission First 2021-08-17 Growth
Testing 2021-08-14 Faith, Trust
Worry Lines 2021-08-13 Encouragement
His Delight 2021-08-12 Growth
On Fire 2021-08-10 Encouragement
He's Still There 2021-08-07 Encouragement
Adam to Abraham 2021-08-06 Faith, Trust
My Peace 2021-08-04 Peace
Wherever He Leads 2021-08-03 Encouragement
Prayer Power 2021-08-01 Prayer
Catch Me 2021-07-31 Faith, Trust
Remain In My Love 2021-07-29 Encouragement
Labor of Love 2021-07-27 Encouragement
Nitpicking 2021-07-26 Growth
Shining Like Stars 2021-07-25 Growth
Stepping Out 2021-07-24 Faith, Trust
Don't Lose Hope 2021-07-22 Encouragement
Faltering Faith 2021-07-21 Encouragement
Ascribing Purpose 2021-07-20 Worship
Our Father's Business 2021-07-19 Contemplative
Along The Way 2021-07-18 Faith, Trust
All the Pieces 2021-07-17 Encouragement
Sigh of Relief 2021-07-16 Faith, Trust
Purposeful Pursuits 2021-07-15 Encouragement
Simply to Worship 2021-07-14 Worship
Not By Works 2021-07-09 Encouragement
A Soft Answer 2021-07-08 Contemplative
So Little Faith 2021-07-07 Faith, Trust
Window Dressing 2021-07-02 Faith, Trust
The Way 2021-06-30 Faith, Trust
The Crier 2021-06-29 Sin, Repentance
Each New Day 2021-06-28 Encouragement
The Lord is My Fortress 2021-06-27 Encouragement
He Sustains Us 2021-06-26 Growth
Be Still and Know 2021-06-25 Growth
Imagine 2021-06-24 Faith, Trust
Higher Places 2021-06-23 Faith, Trust
Prodigal Prophet 2021-06-20 God's Will
Strong Words 2021-06-17 Growth
God's Unusurped Will 2021-06-13 God's Will
The Cross We Bear 2021-06-12 Growth
Lord and Master 2021-06-11 Growth
Something New 2021-06-10 Growth
Penciled In 2021-06-09 Contemplative
Love of Money 2021-06-04 Faith, Trust
All These Things 2021-06-02 Faith, Trust
Life and a Living 2021-05-28 Contemplative
When Pride Falleth 2021-05-27 Sin, Repentance
Right To Be Heard 2021-05-24 Growth
Conformed or Formed 2021-05-23 Growth
A Voice of Familiarity 2021-05-22 Faith, Trust
Character Building 2021-05-21 Encouragement
Fit For Today 2021-05-18 Growth
Confession 2021-05-17 Sin, Repentance
Every Good Work 2021-05-16 Encouragement
Truth Be Known 2021-05-15 Faith, Trust
The Encourager 2021-05-14 Encouragement
Thank You For This Day 2021-05-13 Growth
Love and Forgiveness 2021-05-12 Growth
Power in Prayer 2021-05-09 Prayer
Plenty To Go Around 2021-05-08 Faith, Trust
Something Worth Sharing 2021-05-07 Faith, Trust
Always Grateful 2021-05-06 Faith, Trust
The American Dream 2021-05-02 Contemplative
Saving A Hundred 2021-05-01 Growth
Sinking Feeling? 2021-04-30 Encouragement
Froufrou, Frills, and Fluff 2021-04-28 Faith, Trust
As Prophets Speak 2021-04-27 Growth
Shortcomings 2021-04-22 Encouragement
Treasures 2021-04-21 Faith, Trust
Servant-hood 2021-04-20 Growth
Attention Deficit 2021-04-19 Growth
Good Suffering 2021-04-18 Encouragement
Broken Flashlight 2021-04-16 Encouragement
Lines of Faith 2021-04-15 Faith, Trust
Following Uniquely 2021-04-14 Encouragement
Sand Castles 2021-04-13 Eternity
Row, Row, Row Your Boat 2021-04-11 Losing Touch
Making Mole Hills out of Mountains 2021-04-10 Faith, Trust
Fix Your Eyes 2021-04-08 Faith, Trust
Valley of Shadows 2021-04-07 Encouragement
Hope In God 2021-04-06 Encouragement
Church Bells 2021-04-04 Growth
Christian Integrity 2021-04-02 Holiness
Torn 2021-04-01 Encouragement
A Little Goes A Long Way 2021-03-31 Faith, Trust
Every Wind of Doctrine 2021-03-27 Growth
Not Listening 2021-03-26 Growth
Cranky? 2021-03-24 Encouragement
Things Change 2021-03-23 Encouragement
Two Trees 2021-03-22 Faith, Trust
It's Like That Time 2021-03-21 Love
Off Track? 2021-03-19 Faith, Trust
Endless Grace 2021-03-18 Encouragement
Seventy Times Seven 2021-03-16 Growth
Judging Jonah 2021-03-14 Faith, Trust
Rainbow Colored 2021-03-13 Faith, Trust
I Am Ruined 2021-03-11 Sin, Repentance
What Do You Know? 2021-03-08 Faith, Trust
Tapped Dry 2021-03-07 Encouragement
Indulging Weaknesses 2021-03-06 Growth
Never Thirst 2021-03-05 Encouragement
Warning Label 2021-03-04 Growth
The Key to Life 2021-03-03 Faith, Trust
Fire Insurance 2021-03-02 Faith, Trust
Identity Crisis 2021-02-26 Growth
Meeting Together 2021-02-24 Obedience
The World's Grip 2021-02-23 Obedience
Following Through 2021-02-20 Encouragement
The Image of Servitude 2021-02-19 God's Will
Hear My Voice 2021-02-17 Faith, Trust
The Definition of Christianity 2021-02-13 Growth
Built Together 2021-02-12 Growth
Mood Swings 2021-02-11 Encouragement
Follow The Leader 2021-02-10 Faith, Trust
A Good Day 2021-02-09 Encouragement
Our Master's Servants 2021-02-08 God's Will
The Message 2021-02-07 Growth
Reason to Celebrate 2021-02-06 Eternity
Jesus' Church 2021-02-05 Contemplative
Hearing 2021-02-04 Faith, Trust
Whoever Sows 2021-02-03 Encouragement
Christ Goes With You 2021-02-02 Encouragement
In a Rut 2021-02-01 Encouragement
The Long and Short of It 2021-01-31 Growth
Empty Praise? 2021-01-30 Worship
Questioning God 2021-01-29 Encouragement
Remarkable 2021-01-28 Worship
Our All in All 2021-01-27 Faith, Trust
Life's Little Indulgences 2021-01-26 Holiness
Lost 2021-01-23 Grace
A More Excellent Way 2021-01-22 Faith, Trust
Three Little Words 2021-01-21 Growth
Overflow 2021-01-20 Growth
Worth the Wait 2021-01-17 Faith, Trust
Not A Care In The World 2021-01-16 Faith, Trust
40 Years of Purpose 2021-01-15 Encouragement
A Right Judgment 2021-01-13 Growth
Newness of Life 2021-01-12 Growth
Let Down 2021-01-09 Encouragement
Recreational Bible Reading 2021-01-08 Growth
Doing As Unto The Lord 2021-01-05 Growth
Looking Forward 2016-12-30 Encouragement
The Line of Faith 2016-12-27 Faith, Trust
Fear Not 2016-12-26 Despair
The Star Still Shines 2016-12-25 Encouragement
God Bless Us—Everyone! 2016-12-24 Encouragement
Christmas Wrappings 2016-12-23 Encouragement
More than a Manger 2016-12-21 Contemplative
X 2016-12-20 Contemplative
Keep the Fire Burning 2016-12-19 Growth
Missing Worship 2016-12-18 Growth
His Choice 2016-12-17 Encouragement
Passionate About God 2016-12-16 Contemplative
Study Harder 2016-12-15 Growth
Reset Your Mind 2016-12-13 Growth
Prideful Poison 2016-12-12 Sin, Repentance
Finding Peace In Him 2016-12-11 Encouragement
My Best and God's Rest 2016-12-10 Faith, Trust
Seek God 2016-11-06 Growth
The Lord is My Shepherd 2016-11-05 Contemplative
Fear No Evil 2016-11-04 Encouragement
The Lord is My Comfort 2016-11-03 Encouragement
Evidence of Faith 2016-10-15 Faith, Trust
Getting Through 2016-10-14 Encouragement
Uniquely Committed 2016-10-12 Growth
Prepared to Serve 2016-10-08 Growth
Yes God Does Care 2016-10-07 Encouragement
Do Not Grow Weary 2016-10-06 Encouragement
Filling Out The Application 2016-10-05 Encouragement
Content to Be Content 2016-10-04 Growth
Know Thyself 2016-09-30 Growth
Just As I Am 2016-09-29 Growth
Good Intentions 2016-09-28 Growth
Chained 2016-09-27 Encouragement
The Promised Harvest 2016-09-26 Encouragement
Pollyanna Faith 2016-09-23 Encouragement
Preparing for the Storms 2016-09-21 Encouragement
Spiritual Cataracts 2016-09-19 Encouragement
Holding On 2016-09-16 Growth
In Step 2016-09-15 Encouragement
For His Glory 2016-09-14 Growth
At Our Fingertips 2016-09-13 Worship
Parental Fault Lines 2016-09-12 Encouragement
In Context 2016-09-09 Growth
In View of God's Mercy 2016-09-08 Growth
Tough Taskings 2016-09-07 Encouragement
Work by Design 2016-09-06 Obedience
Make Good Choices 2016-09-05 Encouragement
Unto Completion 2016-09-04 Encouragement
All Things Common 2016-09-03 Growth
Drop It, Already 2016-09-02 Encouragement
Outside Looking In 2016-09-01 Encouragement
Gone To Seed 2016-08-31 Growth
When I Am Weak 2016-08-30 Encouragement
What Is The World Coming To? 2016-08-29 Holiness
About Faith 2016-08-28 Faith, Trust
The Pilgrim 2016-08-27 Fiction
The Oak Tree 2016-08-26 Growth
A Friend Who Remains 2016-08-25 Encouragement
Redeeming Peter 2016-08-24 Encouragement
Vital Signs 2016-08-23 Growth
Outside the Box 2016-08-22 Faith, Trust
World Gone Mad 2016-08-21 Encouragement
The Hard Way 2016-08-20 Encouragement
Living In the Overflow 2016-08-19 Growth
Decision for Christ 2016-08-18 Faith, Trust
Civic Duty 2016-06-01 Suspence
Sow What? 2016-05-23 Growth
Ministers of Grace 2016-05-22 Growth
Blissful Ignorance 2016-05-21 Faith, Trust
Invisible Helper 2016-05-20 Faith, Trust
The Blessing I Could Be 2016-05-09 Contemplative
I Stand Amazed 2016-05-05 Worship
Eye Opening Experience 2016-05-04 Growth
Prodigal Children 2016-05-02 Encouragement
Arrows of Victory 2016-04-30 Faith, Trust
Truth Serum 2016-04-29 Encouragement
Salt and Light 2016-04-28 Encouragement
Rough Edges 2016-04-27 Growth
Rewards and Punishments 2016-04-26 Grace
Grace-filled Words 2016-04-25 Growth
Life Worth 2016-04-22 Faith, Trust
Two Or Three 2016-04-21 Encouragement
Among the Thorns 2016-04-20 Encouragement
Hearsay 2016-04-18 Tribulations
Beware the Big Fish 2016-04-15 God's Will
Freeing Faith 2016-04-08 Encouragement
Our Greatest Rewards 2016-04-07 Faith, Trust
The Doorway of Obedience 2016-04-04 Growth
The Rock 2016-03-31 Worship
Personal Giants 2016-03-28 Encouragement
Weary and Burdened 2016-03-27 Encouragement
I Surrender 2016-03-26 Despair
He Is True 2016-03-25 Encouragement
What Does Love Look Like? 2016-03-24 Love
Taste the Lord 2016-03-23 Growth
Transformation 2016-03-20 Growth
Slipping Into Hedonism 2016-03-19 Lamentations
From Faith With Love 2016-03-17 Growth
Out of the Valley 2016-03-16 Encouragement
Seek Ye First 2016-03-15 Faith, Trust
The End Is Near 2016-03-12 Contemplative
Our Father Knows Best 2016-03-11 Faith, Trust
Got a Light? 2016-03-10 Encouragement
Standards and Stumbling Blocks 2016-03-09 Holiness
What Remains 2016-03-06 Contemplative
Just Passing Time? 2016-03-05 Growth
More Than Religion 2016-03-03 Growth
Like Our Master 2016-03-01 Growth
Encourage One Another 2016-01-28 Encouragement
Patterns 2016-01-15 Faith, Trust
Glimpses of His Glory 2016-01-13 Contemplative
Sinking Fear 2016-01-06 Faith, Trust
Following Good Examples 2014-12-31 Growth
Putting Out the Fire 2014-12-30 Obedience
Out From the Angry Waves 2014-12-27 Encouragement
Excuses, Excuses 2014-12-22 Faith, Trust
Making Sense 2014-12-21 Faith, Trust
The Lamp of the Body 2014-12-17 Hope, Desire
Permitted to Enter 2014-12-16 Grace
Got Milk? 2014-12-15 Growth
His Love Within Us 2014-12-12 Love
All You Need 2014-12-11 Faith, Trust
The Offerings of Sufferings 2014-12-10 Faith, Trust
Pieces 2014-12-08 Encouragement
Seek And You Will Find 2014-12-06 Faith, Trust
Not in Vain 2014-12-05 Encouragement
Losing Weight 2014-12-04 Encouragement
Too Familiar? 2014-12-03 Encouragement
God Is Good 2014-12-02 Encouragement
Evidence 2014-11-30 Faith, Trust
You're Not Alone 2014-11-28 Encouragement
Lasting Effects 2014-11-25 Encouragement
He Keeps Me Singing 2014-11-24 Worship
Changing Truth? 2014-11-20 Growth
The Sweetest Satisfaction 2014-11-19 Encouragement
Under Construction 2014-11-17 Encouragement
Hand In Hand 2014-11-16 Love
Words That Ruin 2014-11-15 Sin, Repentance
Unfathomable Peace 2014-11-14 Encouragement
He Who Humbles Himself 2014-11-12 Contemplative
Still 2014-11-11 Encouragement
Still Golden 2014-11-10 Growth
Want Ads 2014-11-09 Faith, Trust
I Will Show You 2014-11-06 Faith, Trust
Continue in the Work 2014-10-31 Encouragement
Oh The Possibilities 2014-10-30 Encouragement
Holding Hope 2014-10-29 Hope, Desire
God Is... 2014-10-28 Encouragement
Rethinking Your Ministry 2014-10-27 Encouragement
What Are You Looking At? 2014-10-26 Sin, Repentance
What More? 2014-10-25 Faith, Trust
Waiting For a Magic Wand 2014-10-24 Growth
The Choice is Ours 2014-10-23 Eternity
Reflected in His Eyes 2014-10-22 Encouragement
Thorn Removal 2014-10-21 Encouragement
Work in Progress 2014-10-20 Growth
Purpose 2014-10-17 Faith, Trust
At Hand 2014-10-16 Growth
Wholly Devoted 2014-10-15 Holiness
Filled to Overflowing 2014-10-13 Encouragement
Life Isn't Fair 2014-10-12 Encouragement
Seen and Heard 2014-10-11 Growth
Truly Seen 2014-10-10 Encouragement
Some Trust 2014-10-09 Faith, Trust
The Right Tool 2014-10-07 Growth
Rejoice and Weep 2014-10-06 Encouragement
Who Are You? 2014-10-03 Encouragement
The Road Ahead 2014-10-01 Contemplative
Grace Enough To Share 2014-09-30 Grace
He Will Return 2014-09-29 Eternity
Strange and Wonderful Ways 2014-09-26 Faith, Trust
Bible Study 2014-09-25 Growth
Anger Management 2014-09-23 Encouragement
Wait 2014-09-22 Faith, Trust
A Touch Of Kindness 2014-09-19 Encouragement
Servitude 2014-09-17 Growth
Faith Is 2014-09-16 Faith, Trust
Bound for Freedom 2014-09-15 Encouragement
One Day Called Today 2014-09-12 Growth
Pursuing God 2014-09-11 Contemplative
Overexposed 2014-09-10 Growth
Handle the Truth 2014-09-08 Growth
Power in the Blood 2014-09-05 Faith, Trust
Throwing a Fit 2014-09-04 Growth
Reason For Faith 2014-09-03 Faith, Trust
Favored 2014-09-02 Contemplative
Love and Blessings 2014-08-29 Encouragement
Not My Will 2014-08-28 Faith, Trust
Writing Exercise 2014-08-27 Worship
Humble Victory 2014-08-26 Faith, Trust
By Faith We Understand 2014-08-25 Faith, Trust
The Noticeable Witness 2014-08-23 Contemplative
Finding Hope 2014-08-22 Encouragement
Wellspring 2014-08-21 Faith, Trust
Extended Grace 2014-08-19 Grace
Faithful With Little 2014-08-18 Encouragement
Vengeance Is Mine 2014-08-17 Faith, Trust
Knowing His Will 2014-08-15 Faith, Trust
A Winning Example 2014-08-13 Faith, Trust
Let Me Draw Your Attention 2014-08-12 Worship
Chew It Up 2014-08-11 Growth
Changing Hats 2014-08-09 Prayer
Off To A Good Start? 2014-08-08 Encouragement
I Know? 2014-08-07 Growth
He Cares For You 2014-08-06 Encouragement
Life Mission 2014-08-04 Growth
Unmerited Favor 2014-08-03 Grace
Let Children Come 2014-08-02 Faith, Trust
The Beginning of Sorrows 2014-07-31 Prayer
What a Difference a Day Makes 2014-07-30 Faith, Trust
Seize the Day 2014-07-29 Encouragement
Gossip 2014-07-25 Sin, Repentance
Brighter Days 2014-07-24 Encouragement
One Bad Apple? 2014-07-23 Encouragement
Whatever is Done 2014-07-22 Encouragement
Without Love 2014-07-21 Love
Fell The Walls 2014-07-19 Faith, Trust
Given the Opportunity 2014-07-18 Grace
Walking Sermons 2014-07-17 Growth
The Clothing We Wear 2014-07-15 Growth
Worthy Pursuit 2014-07-14 Encouragement
We Wrestle Not 2014-07-13 Growth
Sometimes the Rains 2014-07-12 Encouragement
Too Many Words 2014-07-11 Growth
Seen In Your Eyes 2014-07-10 Growth
He Must Deny Himself 2014-07-09 Growth
Unchained 2014-07-08 Encouragement
Faithful Lord 2014-07-07 Faith, Trust
Be Ready 2014-07-06 Growth
In Time 2014-07-02 Encouragement
Success 2014-07-01 Growth
More Than Individuals 2014-06-27 God's Will
Fading Faith 2014-06-26 Faith, Trust
Something In Return 2014-06-25 Contemplative
Tough Questions 2014-06-24 Faith, Trust
Showers 2014-06-23 Encouragement
Months of Darkness 2014-06-22 Encouragement
In Every Way Sufficient 2014-06-21 Faith, Trust
Abundant Rain 2014-06-20 Growth
Seeking His Truth 2014-06-19 Faith, Trust
Struggle Against Sin 2014-06-17 Encouragement
Choose You This Day 2014-06-16 Holiness
Shop Talk 2014-06-13 Contemplative
We Like Sheep? 2014-06-12 Obedience
Wild Horses 2014-06-11 Obedience
Great and Mighty Things 2014-06-10 Contemplative
First Hand 2014-06-09 Faith, Trust
Work to Worship 2014-06-05 Growth
With Love 2014-06-04 Love
While You Wait 2014-06-03 Encouragement
Blessings 2014-06-02 Encouragement
Ashamed? 2014-06-01 Encouragement
Before My Eyes 2014-05-31 Sin, Repentance
A Deeper Look 2014-05-30 Encouragement
Everything that Hinders 2014-05-29 Encouragement
Bible Bits 2014-05-28 Encouragement
A Stranger's Voice 2014-05-26 Contemplative
All Have Sinned 2014-05-25 Grace
Self Service 2014-05-23 God's Will
Seeing And Believing 2014-05-21 Faith, Trust
If You Forgive 2014-05-20 Grace
A Good Knight 2014-05-19 Contemplative
Cooling Off 2014-05-18 Encouragement
Pass It On 2014-05-15 Encouragement
Let Your Light Shine 2014-05-14 Encouragement
He Is 2014-05-13 Faith, Trust
Priorities 2014-05-12 Growth
Selling Out 2014-05-08 Holiness
Misunderstanding God's Direction 2014-05-07 God's Will
Sheltered 2014-05-06 God's Protection
Don't Forget to Wash 2014-05-05 Encouragement
But God 2014-05-04 Encouragement
Consider It Joy 2014-05-01 Encouragement
A Way That Seems Right 2014-04-30 Faith, Trust
Taking God at His Word 2014-04-28 Faith, Trust
We Will Serve 2014-04-26 Obedience
Achievement 2014-04-24 Growth
Heaven Hearted 2014-04-01 Eternity
Healthy Choices 2014-03-31 Growth
No Gift to Bring 2013-12-22 Contemplative
My Cup Overfloweth 2013-11-08 Encouragement
We Are Blessed 2013-09-03 Encouragement
Alone 2013-06-17 Encouragement
You Will Find Him 2013-04-01 Encouragement
The Standard 2013-03-30 Growth
Look, Here is Water 2013-03-29 Growth
It's A Miracle We Do Not See 2013-03-28 Faith, Trust
Where Is Your Faith 2013-03-26 Faith, Trust
What You Could Be 2013-03-21 Encouragement
Plentiful Harvest 2013-03-20 Salvation
Giving 2013-03-18 Growth
Glory Revealed 2013-01-01 Encouragement
Even to Death 2012-12-29 Death
Waiting 2012-12-28 Faith, Trust
The Great ‘Someday' 2012-12-20 Contemplative
Keeping Fit 2012-12-19 Growth
The Way Out 2012-11-24 Encouragement
Here I Am 2012-11-19 Encouragement
Practice Makes Peaceful 2012-11-09 Growth
Perseverance 2012-11-04 Growth
Nice Sentiment 2012-01-26 Holiness
New Beginnings 2012-01-03 Encouragement
No Fear 2011-12-21 Faith, Trust
I Hope This Finds You Well 2011-11-30 Contemplative
Sheep's Clothing 2011-11-26 Contemplative
Resisting Sin 2011-10-03 Sin, Repentance
First Fruits 2011-10-02 Encouragement
Do Not Worry 2011-09-30 Faith, Trust
Breath of Life 2011-09-09 Contemplative
Hannah Wept 2011-05-19 Encouragement
First Be Reconciled 2011-05-04 Encouragement
The Tenacity of Jacob 2011-04-12 Triumphs
The Timely Word 2011-04-01 Encouragement
Lifted Up 2011-03-31 Contemplative
Sharing Our Common Passion 2011-02-22 Encouragement
Sufficient Grace 2011-02-13 Grace
Cup Half Full? 2011-01-15 Faith, Trust
Midnight Talks 2011-01-03 Love
Odd for God 2010-12-04 Growth
Rewards 2010-12-03 Growth
Righteous Struggle 2010-11-14 Encouragement
Slip Slidin' Away 2010-10-30 Encouragement
The Unknown Christian 2010-09-06 Faith, Trust
It's All Good 2010-07-21 Encouragement
Pilgrims 2010-07-07 Contemplative
Uniquely Fashioned 2010-06-14 Growth
Blessed Be The Name 2010-05-27 Growth
What Settles The Heart 2010-05-24 Faith, Trust
Mere Appearances 2010-05-22 Growth
Walk by Faith 2010-05-20 Faith, Trust
United 2010-05-13 Encouragement
Epiphany 2010-04-27 Worship
Better Than Chocolate 2010-01-11 Faith, Trust
He Must Increase 2009-12-31 Faith, Trust
Changed 2009-11-25 Salvation
Living Testimony 2009-07-22 Encouragement
Finding Freedom 2009-07-19 Faith, Trust
Traditions 2009-07-15 Growth
Poor in Spirit 2009-07-13 Contemplative
Inside the Darkness 2009-07-11 Encouragement
Under Cover 2009-07-10 Encouragement
In A Moment's Notice 2009-07-09 Encouragement
Therefore There For 2009-07-08 Growth
For Good 2009-07-07 Contemplative
Time Will Tell 2009-07-04 Encouragement
From the Heart 2009-07-03 Growth
By Example 2009-06-30 Growth
Legacy 2009-06-27 Encouragement
In Times of Fear 2009-06-26 Encouragement
Concerning Others 2009-06-23 Growth
That You May Know 2009-06-21 Encouragement
Getting Ready 2009-06-20 Growth
The Bottom Line 2009-06-05 Faith, Trust
Nothing New 2009-04-12 Encouragement
What Do You Seek? 2009-03-14 Faith, Trust
Helping To Heal 2009-02-21 Encouragement
Anything Worth Having... 2009-01-15 Encouragement
I Shall Not Want 2009-01-14 Faith, Trust
Unique Service 2008-12-27 Encouragement
Asking Why 2008-11-30 Encouragement
It Is Well 2008-11-29 Encouragement
Sin Is Sin 2006-11-20 Sin, Repentance
Thorns 2006-03-06 Encouragement
Holy Living 2006-01-22 Encouragement
Morning Delight 2006-01-19 Worship
I Die Daily 2006-01-08 Growth
Never Too Late 2005-12-31 Faith, Trust
Inner Peace 2005-12-30 Peace
Love Is 2005-12-27 Growth
Timely Words 2005-12-26 Encouragement
Mary's Journal 2005-12-21 Contemplative
Creation's Evidence 2005-09-03 Worship
In His Presence 2005-09-02 Worship
Regarding Others 2005-08-20 Prayer
The End? 2005-02-07 Growth
Roots 2005-01-30 Growth
Give and it Will be Given 2005-01-13 Faith, Trust
An Audible Word 2005-01-11 Growth
Give It Some Thought 2005-01-10 Faith, Trust
Getting Dressed 2005-01-08 Growth
Lesson Learned 2005-01-07 Faith, Trust
Partnering 2005-01-06 Faith, Trust
Teachable 2005-01-05 Growth
Storms 2005-01-01 Peace
Prayers of Many 2004-12-29 Faith, Trust
My Peace I Give You 2004-12-28 Peace
You Are The Light of the World 2004-12-27 Growth
Salt of the Earth 2004-12-26 Contemplative
No Regret 2004-12-22 Encouragement
Forgive Us Our Debts 2004-12-21 Growth
Things Hoped For 2004-12-20 Faith, Trust
Small Packages 2004-12-19 Inspirational
Packaging 2004-12-18 Faith, Trust
Eyes to See 2004-12-17 Contemplative
The Former Things 2004-12-15 Growth
Worth It 2004-12-14 Love
Rethinking 2004-12-13 Contemplative
Painful Truths 2004-12-07 Contemplative
Searching 2004-12-06 Faith, Trust
Discontent 2004-12-04 Growth
Life Abundant 2004-12-01 Encouragement
Delightfully Fed 2004-11-30 Growth
Be the Blessing 2004-11-29 Encouragement
Just Kidding...Not Really 2004-11-27 Growth
Bite Thy Tongue 2004-11-26 Encouragement
Fruits of Praise 2004-11-25 Worship
Water From a Rock 2004-11-23 Faith, Trust
Love Them That Persecute 2004-11-21 Encouragement
For This Very Purpose 2004-11-18 Encouragement
Walk in the Spirit 2004-11-16 Growth
Moving Mountains 2004-11-12 Faith, Trust
God's Way 2004-11-10 Growth
Dry Times 2004-11-05 Encouragement
Give Yourself Fully 2004-11-04 Faith, Trust
Doodles 2004-11-02 Worship
The Lord's Table 2004-11-01 Grace
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