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by Randy Chambers, 2008-02-29

In darkest days; in troubled times we will soon come to see; hope is not lost beneath the turmoil, in Christ, hope is s certainty. So, we who say that we are His, can trust Him through it all; and hear God say within the storm, "My child, I will not let you fall."

Dark days approach. God will not let us fall. We who are His have been given an awesome responsibility. As the world crumbles around us, we are to stand unshaken--a beacon of hope for those who see no hope. Christ wants us to be those standing on the Rock in the stormy sea, reaching out our hands to pull others to safety. He wants us to prepare for the storm, so that we can be this rescuer; this beacon of hope.
When the hurricane approaches, people do not sit in their houses watching TV or entertaining themselves in other ways. They prepare their house for the storm. They secure what they can, and fortify the structure of the house.
It is imperative that we prepare for the storm. Our time would be well spent filling ourselves with the Word of God, and being sharpened so we will be ready to assist others. There will be people outside the church, and inside the church, who see no hope. They will contemplate doing what people without hope usually consider.
We can be God's instrument of rescue in the coming storm. But how useful will we be if we are not prepared?

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