Burdens Released

Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

I have heard it said of an F-4 fighter plane that it is proof that a brick, given enough thrust, could fly. Perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration, nonetheless much of what could take flight may at first appear as though it could not. Perhaps it has nothing at all to do with the object as much as the power that lifts it, as is certain to be the case with many things. Yet rather than saying, "Look how the air keeps that plane up," we say, "See how well that plane can fly." And rather than saying, "See how the hot air keeps that balloon from falling," we might say, "Look at how gracefully the balloon drifts through the sky." But we must concede that nothing that we see in the air can remain there without that which is unseen that holds it up.
There was a woman who described a method of releasing burdens. She instructed that a person could take a few helium balloons to a field or some sort of open area. Once at the field the person would then kneel and pray and ask God to show him what it was that was a burden in his life. The next step would be to take a marker and begin writing everything that was burdensome on the balloon. As you might guess, the next step was to physically release the balloons, while inwardly praying for God to help him to release the burdens written on the balloons. Then he would watch the balloons climb into the air, and see that as his burdens being given into God's capable hands.
If you think of it, it is an amazing thing how much faith we place in that which is unseen. For consider how many times you have seen an airplane pass directly over your head. Were you afraid that it would fall from the sky suddenly and crush you like a bug? Certainly not. What about a hot air balloon or a space shuttle or satellites? Each one was put into the air by the efforts of people, yet how often do we fear that any shall come down on top of us without warning? It is truly amazing because we do not see what holds each up, yet we do not doubt that for the most part, those things will stay up until brought down safely.
There are burdens so heavy to bear that we might often feel like they are great things that have fallen on us and are likely to crush us completely. As we take notice of them, we might believe that there is no way that they could ever be lifted off. We would sooner believe that a brick could be made to fly into orbit before our burdens could ever be lifted. What perhaps we forget is that it is not the object that has what is necessary to lift it up, it is the unseen power that lifts it. At first, we may try to lift it ourselves only to realize that we haven't the strength to do it. Instead, we must release control over to something that can lift it--something that can hold it up and keep it from falling on our heads. And because it is God who lifts, we can consider it like so many helium filled balloons--for as we watch them move upward and without a thought that they will ever come back down to us, so also we can consider that our burdens shall be lifted and without a fear that they will come falling down upon us. For though the burdens may be heavy, it is the Hand of God that lifts them up--all we have to do is release them.

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