Get In Line

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ (1Cor.11:1).

We walk a long and weary road in our course throughout this life. What we endure can build us up in stature, character and righteousness--or it can tear us down. But there is hope along the way as we seek a seemingly somewhat distant goal. It is a goal that we might come to be with Christ in the fullness of His glory.

John, like so many others, walked the road of Christianity. He began his journey at a place in time that he vaguely can remember now. And though he wishes that the memories of his "salvation experience" were as vivid as once they were, he has learned that true contentment comes in looking forward to today--not in clinging to the past.
There is truly comfort in the company of others who share a similar concern. John found a certain delight in being around those with whom he felt a common bond of this thing called Christianity. For though he felt that there were few with whom he had a likeness of heart, he counted it a blessing that he was able to call any man a brother.
Taking up his "disciple's cross," to lay aside his own desires, each day he takes his journey where last he had left off. Every day he rises from his sleep, renewing his decision that he will rise and walk again, down a path of much uncertainty.
But John has found within this uncertainty, a certain peace and joy that comes from simply observing godly men and women whom he would call "examples." To him, they are reflections of a Christ he has come to love. They are living illustrations of the teachings of his Lord. They are the people who are like road signs on his path to righteousness, for they point the way for him to walk so he will reach his intended goal. For in his heart he knows that many walk the road ahead--each depending on those closest to the goal to provide the rest some clear direction. And while John knew he must seek the true and godly persons to be to him a compass, he knew as well he must endure to be the same for those who would come behind him.

It is the picture of a lifeline. It spans the length of life and time, stretching from the newest believer to those who near their journey's end. Hand in hand they move from new life to afterlife, holding one another in a grip of love--held between the outstretched arms of Christ.
There are good and right examples for each of us to follow. It is the wiser person who realizes the need to depend on others. We were not salvaged by God to be an island unto self, but to become a link in a chain that is firmly secured to our Lord Jesus Christ. Each link has other links ahead of it. And each link has links behind. As we remain linked to one another, and secure within Christ, we are strong.
As we seek to be individuals in a society of many, and as we seek to be independent so that we can find security within ourselves; let us not forget that there are many who are counting on us to remain linked to others, and remain secured to Christ. Our example to them could mean them getting in the line that leads to eternal life.

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