The Line of Faith

When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick (Lk.9:1-2).

You may be someone who believes that miraculous powers were only appointed for a season (specifically during the early New Testament times). Or perhaps you are someone who believes that we can be empowered today to do even as Christ had done (casting out demons, healing the sick and so on). Whatever the case, what you think about works of faith may not be nearly as important as to why you think what you think.
The Bible is full of what we often refer to as miracles. To God, however, they might not be seen as miracles at all but rather as an act of His will. It is no miracle for God to act within His will for it is His nature to do so. This is not to downplay the mighty works of God, but possibly to bring to attention the lesser works--which are really not lesser at all. God's works are praiseworthy because of who He is and not because of how extraordinary His works may appear to us to be.
All that God does carries with it His intents and purposes to bring about the greater good. Whether He heals you of a terminal disease or sends you a cool breeze on a hot summer day, if He has put it into motion then it is out of His wonderful love for you that He does so.
All too often, we act surprised (or become skeptical) when a supernatural act of healing occurs--that which seems extraordinary. Or we take the everyday (seemingly small) miracles for granted--overlooking all the wonderful things God does for us that we would not consider extraordinary.
It's really no wonder that we think in such mediocre mindsets--skeptical of the extraordinary, while ignoring the day to day blessings. Our doctrines seem to be progressively painting us into the corners of faithlessness. The things we preach that a Christian should do are, for many, easy to do out of one's own strength. We say that a Christian must read the Bible and pray, he must witness, she must go to church and must give. Each of these things can be done without an ounce of faith. Yet we manage to steer clear of preaching works of faith that are above that which people could accomplish in and of themselves (healing, for example).
Where do we draw the line of faith? Does it stop short of that which can only be described as Supernatural? We speak of great commissions to preach and teach and neglect commandments to heal. If the truth be known, we might realize that it is not our doctrine at all that prevents us from moving into works of faith, but it is the lack of faith to see God move beyond the ordinary--and a lack of appreciation when He moves within the ordinary.
Nothing about God is ordinary. He has a great many things to accomplish through each of us. What He asks you to do may go beyond your limitations--but it will never exceed His abilities.

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