Blissful Ignorance

On hearing it, many of his disciples said, "This is a hard teaching, who can accept it?" . . .From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him (Jn.6:60&66).

Jesus had finished explaining to many of his disciples some of the principles surrounding who He was. But what Jesus said was difficult for them to receive because what He said rubbed harshly against their flesh. What Jesus said did not settle with what they in their own human wisdom could reason out. "Many of his disciples," the scripture tells us, "turned back and no longer followed him." Their response was to say within themselves, "I just can't understand that--I don't even want to think about it."
Ignorance is often thought of as another word for stupidity or as a lack of intelligence. Perhaps a more correct understanding of the word, "ignorance," would be to see it as the act of ignoring. This implies a knowledge that something exists, yet with that, a willful desire to pay no mind to whatever that something is. These days we might call that "denial."
We like to feel secure in our beliefs and understandings about the way things are. When something or someone comes along that shakes those beliefs and causes us to question things of which we have felt secure in our understanding, our tendency is to resist. We become uncomfortable and insecure and find ourselves at the crossroads--wondering what is right and who is wrong. Our choice is to struggle through the questions or to bow to the bliss of ignorance.
There are a lot of hard sayings in the Bible. And Christ challenges our way of thinking as He draws us out of the world to become His disciples. Everyday we are faced with decisions that we can make using the spiritual mind that Christ nurtures within us, or we can make the decisions using reasoning that is more settling to our worldly thought patterns. How we choose is the difference in following or not following Jesus. Each time we turn away from the hard sayings of Christ, it becomes easier and easier to do so. We do it enough and we may find ourselves in the likeness of those who were Jesus' disciples who turned back and followed Him no longer.
What resource do you use to make your day to day decisions? Do you call on the wisdom of God or upon the powers of human reasoning and experience? No matter how bright we become or how much experience we gain, we will never be equipped enough to depend upon self rather than God. God alone sees everything that impacts your life and He alone can provide the Wisdom to fill in all the gaps of human reasoning. Trust Him with your decisions and for God's sake as well as your own, don't turn away in ignorance. His truth is a solid Rock--it is hard and cumbersome when it comes to rest on top of us, yet it is our security when we come to rest on it.

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