Opened Eyes--Filled With Tears

A voice was heard upon the high places, weeping and supplications of the children of Israel: for they have perverted their way, and they have forgotten the LORD their God (Jeremiah 3:21).

Jeremiah is often refereed to as the “weeping prophet.” He was one who mourned over the fallen condition of Israel and Israel’s stubborn persistence as they refused to see things as they really were. Jeremiah tried to make Israel see why they had suffered the fate they had suffered, why they had been taken captive and why they would remain captive for some 70 years before being freed. But Israel would not hear of it. They chose instead to believe the false prophets who said to them exactly what they wanted to hear; and the truth that Jeremiah spoke did little more than stir up anger in the people. The acceptance of a better “truth,” albeit a lie, led them to blind themselves to God’s word, blinding them from seeing God’s solutions and thereby crippling them from moving in a positive direction back toward God.

Jesus Wept

Weep Jeremiah, weep once more.
The world has forgotten your tears.
We listen again to falsehoods and lies
and to only what tickles our itching ears.
Where is your word, Jeremiah?
Our ears have grown dull to your cries.
We don’t want to see your sorrow for us,
we just want to see what pleases our eyes.
Weep on, Jeremiah, weep on.
for thousands of years you have wept,
While you have been crying for God to save man,
so much of mankind has slept.
Weep on, Lord Jesus, weep on.
Gethsemane is a garden of pain.
For you were alone to bear your sorrow,
and you seem alone to bear it again.
Weep Lord Jesus, weep once more.
We’ve no hope but to gain your pardon.
For while you continue to weep for mankind,
your servants lay asleep in the garden.

We may think that by always trying to find the good in things that we are being optimistic--and so we may be. But optimism must be applied with wisdom--wisdom that leads us to see things as they are rather than hiding them behind the rose-colored glasses of our hopeful wants and wishes. If we are to be of any real help to this world, we must not hide behind the guise of optimism that is really a shield to protect us from the painful truths. Jeremiah wept. Jesus wept. And so we too must realize that there is a time to weep for the condition of a fallen people so that God may move us forward toward our freedom.

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