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1Riding out the Storm
2Blessed are you...
3Unseen Abundance
4Through the Process
5Quiet Times
6For the Love of God
7Faith & Freedom
8Saving Faith, Daily Faith
9Left Undone
10An Audible Word
11Sufficiency of Grace
12Coffee Cakes and Coffee
13Perfect Strangers
14Hand in Hand
16Hearts of Lamentations
17A Place of Honor
18United in Christ, Like-minded in Purpose
19The Defense Rests
20Transforming Thoughts
21Our Darkest Hour
22The Paradox of Purity
23Meeting Needs
24All The Things That Money Can Buy
25Managing God's Resources
26Practice, Practice, Practice
27What Is Not Seen With Human Eyes
28Falling Down
29Bad Roots
30Equip Yourself
31Hold Still
1Building Blocks
2In The Scheme of All Things
3Spiritual Sight
4Stolen Joy
5The Controlling Factor
6Frantic Times
7Weighing What's Important
8Even As You Have Done
9Giving It Back
10Our Daily Manna
11Quiet Time Killers
12Follow Thou Me
13Afraid of the Water
15The Never-ending Prayer
16The Mainstream
17To Tell The Truth
18The Greatest Commandments
19Beneath the Surface
20The Easy Way
21Faithful Friends
22The Prayer Warrior
23Counter Measures
24The God of Christian Present
25Up Close and Personal
26Even As You Are Known
27Trial & Error
28Peaceful Resolutions
29Finding Mercy
1An Encouraging Word
2On Becoming A Person
3Just A Closer Walk
4Operation Saturation
5Purging and Purification
6Freedom (Part 1)
7Freedom (Part 2)
8Stretching For the Truth
9Fruits and Fruitcakes
10A Great Cloud Of Witnesses
11Trusting Means Everything
12If Only Angels
13Upholding Faithfulness
14Sound Doctrine
15Great Expectations
16On Your Behalf
17Bread Winner
18Blissful Ignorance
19Children Of God
20The Line of Faith
21Righteous Anger
22Moving Forward
24More Than Meets The Eye (Part I)
25More Than Meets The Eye (Part II)
26More Than Meets The Eye (Conclusion)
27Tainted Love
28On Broadway
29Harvest Time
30Burdened With Externals
31To Go Our Separate Ways
2Watch And Pray
4In Jesus Name
5In Spirit And In Truth
6Draw Near to God
7The Message Received
8Consider the Cross
9Twisted Together, A Crown of Thorns
10Let Your Light Shine
11The Sacrificial Family
12The Leadership of Love
13One Flesh
14That I Would Do...?
15In the Fullness of Time
16A Stranger's Voice
17Can You See What You Say?
18Feast Your Eyes!
19The Internal God
20Long Term Investments
21Knowing the Plan
22To Life
23Show and Tell
24Willful Regression
26To Fall From Grace
27Manna Again!
28The Greatest Priorities
30What Would Jesus Do?
1What Love Is Not
2A Multitude Of Words
3The Essence of Love
4Mission Minded
5Blessed Assurance
6Good Stewards
7All Things Common
8The Fruit Of Repentance
9Raising Hands
10All Consuming Fire
11Transforming the Shapeless, And Filling the Voids
12Pillows, Pencils & Golf Balls
13Faith: Belief in Action
15Get In Line
16Letting Go
17The Tree Beneath
18The Sleeping Giant
19Square Pegs and Round Holes
20I Believe I Can Fly
21Yet Not I
22Serving Peaches
23What Seek Ye?
24Of Love And Doctrine
25Words In Deed
26Behind the Veil
27Giving Up Without A Fight
28Stand Firm
29Rough Edges
30Within Yelling Distance
31Label Makers
1To Walk In Newness of Life
2Job Security
3Taste Test
4Maturing in Christ
5The Shadow of His Wings
6You, Who Through Faith Are Shielded
7To Have Fellowship With Him
8Called To Be Ministers
9Desert Rain
10Bringing It Down To Earth
12Who Has Suffered
13The Souls Purpose: To Be Profoundly Filled
15What Stirs The Heart
16To Count It All Loss
17The Way Of Cain
20Heart And Soul
21Of Greater Influence
22Of Sound Mind
23Silent Pondering
24Clothed In Christ
26Don't Go Empty Handed
27Severed Ties
28Guard Your Heart
29Following On
30Acquired Taste
1Self Defense
2In Humility Consider Others
3A Timely Word
5Cloven Tongues Like As Of Fire
6Breaking Of Bread
7To Know His Will
8A Note To The Perfectionist
9Godly Ambitions
10God's Math
11All Together Now
12Learning How
13The Eyes Are The Windows
14By What We Judge
15A Proper Respect
16Rebuilding The Temple
17Holding Hands
18Balancing Petitions
19Missing Daddy
20The Threshold of Happiness
22For The Journey
23Which Way Do We Grow?
24Not Quite Black & White
25In All Our Ways
26Every Opportunity
27Somewhere In The Middle
28Paid Dearly
29Missing The Miracles
30Faith In Faith
31The Enemy
1Through The Church
2Because He Loves
3What's Wrong
4Sacrifice of Praise
5Swallowed Up
6Casting Our Lots
8Church, Choice & God's Direction
9At The Water's Edge
10Chance Meetings
11Breaking Away
12Occupational Hazards
13A Voice Of One: Crying in the wilderness
15Life's Ambitions
16The Poor In Spirit
17For They Will Be Filled
18Not Far
19And The Darkness Overcame It Not
20Mark My Words
21Not What We Expected
22Taking Those First Steps
23Desperate Times
24To Each His Own
25Making Friends
26To Walk With God
28A Sign of Faith
29Near the Water's Edge
30And One For All
31From The Rising
1A Better Place
2Short Reminders
4Blaming God
5Unto Others
6Seasoned With Salt
7The Lamp of God Had Not Yet Gone Out
8Rainbows, Glory & Promises
9For Lack Of Understanding
10Therefore Go
11As In The Days Of Noah
13Not The Author Of Confusion
14Who Really Cares?
17When The Tables Have Turned
18Blessed Are The Meek
19Cameo Appearance
20Waiting For The 'Just In Time'
21For This Day
22Burdens Released
23Choking The Word
24Pray That We Do Not Perish
25Standing On The Promises
27A Little Yeast
28Because The Spirit Intercedes
29Candle Light
30For The Lives Of Your Children
2Pinch Me--I Must Be Dreaming
3The Natural
4Above Reproach
5Steady As She Goes
6Of Greater Significance
7Second Wind
8From A to Z
9If You Believe
10Full Assurance of Faith
11Heaven on Earth
12Forsaken and Alone
13Seeing Is Revealing
14Moving On
15Why Look Any Further?
16Giving Appropriately
18Exploring Purposes
19There You May Be Also
21Many Milestones, Chosen Paths
22I Come To The Garden Alone
23There Is A Season
24Fruit Juice
25Faith, Freedom & Responsibility
26All Things Familiar
27The Greater
28Simple Forgiveness, Great Impact
29To Bring To Pass
30Sometimes Miracles
1Do Good To Them
2Coming Down
3It Is Well
4From Shame To Glory
5The Good Life
6Faithful & True
7Perfume and Piety
9In His Hand
10Watch and Pray
11Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory
13Making Mountains
14Asking "Why?"
15More Than Words
16I Shall Not Want
17Seeds of Division
18For This Very Purpose
19The Hidden Word
20Loving Anyway
22Gifts for Giving
24Taste and See
25Thanksgiving Feast
26Just An Expression
27Just Kidding
28Still Looking
29Sand Castles
30Things Change
2Achilles' Tendon
3To Be Seen
4So You Want To Go Back To Egypt
5The Unwritten Rules
6Seek And Ye Shall Find
7Opened Eyes--Filled With Tears
9Pressure Points
10To Suffer Loss
11Interpreting God's Directions
12Christmas Lights
14The Former Things
17Star Of Wonder
18What Comes In Small Packages
19Merry Xmas???
20Things Hoped For
21Forgive Us Our Debt
22"God Bless Us, Everyone."
23Fear Not
24Christmas Night
25The Christmas Cake
26And We Beheld His Glory
27The Ghost of Christmas Past
28Plates Of Plenty
30From Repentance to Holiness
31We Are Called

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