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Wednesday, January 16, 2019 other day's devotionals

Today's Devotional Reading
Hearts of Lamentations

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Blessed are those who mourn; for they shall be comforted (Mt.5:4).

Ecclesiates tells us that "in much wisdom is much grief; and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow" (1:18). There is no one I can think of who grieved more for fallen humanity than Christ Himself. He knew what was in man (John 2:25). He walked among humankind daily, knowing what was behind the masks they put on for everyone else. He knew their secrets, ambitions, desires and thoughts. Yet, He did not run away from that sorrow--he bore it. He faced up to it, even though it grieved Him, so that all mankind could know joy.
Jesus tells us that to whom much is given, much is required. We have been given eternal life, His joy, and the gift of His indwelling presence (to name a few things). We have also been given a great responsibility. We are to look humanity in the face and not wince. We are to see the wickedness of mankind and not run. As we draw closer to God, we cannot help but feel His pain for a fallen people. We cannot help but fall to our knees and yearn for God to bring Light to those who dwell in darkness.

Mourning Walk

Early morning silence embraces,
his footsteps softly traverse the hall.
Bluish tinted walls lay left and right,
a wake within the peripheral of night.
The couch waits in the darkness like a friend.
And meets him as he bends his knees beside,
He lays, head on arm, across the cushion,
as though within the stillness he would hide.
His heart beats into his eyes
and forces tears to fall to arm and couch.
Bemoaning what has driven man from God,
He pleads for Light,
and waits with longing for the Morning Son.

A very familiar song tells us that "People Need the Lord." We must allow ourselves to feel some of the Father's pain that He feels as He watches His children do things that are hurting them. Jesus said, "Blessed are those who mourn; for they shall be comforted." It may be painful to experience the kind of knowledge and wisdom that Solomon speaks of--the kind that brings us grief and sorrow. But God assures us that we will be comforted. And in this process, we may discover that the depressing thoughts of a fallen people may be worth having--they may be the very thing that compel us to fall to our knees and lift up a fallen soul to the God who can lift them up.

...how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!" (Mt. 23:37).

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