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Thursday, September 29, 2016 other day's devotionals

Today's Devotional Reading
Candle Light

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If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light (Luke 11:36).

The light from a single candle gives such a warmth and glow to a silent and otherwise dark room. In the quietness, you can almost hear the flicker of the flame. So relaxing, so tranquil and soothing--it is a time that I love. There is such a peace that fills my heart as everyone else is in bed for the night, and I alone sit staring into the dancing candle flame and slowly sip a cup of coffee or tea.
Even still, to share the moment with my wife is another pleasure in which I find a subtle rest. To quietly look into each other's eyes. The reflection of the flame sparkles in her eyes and lights her face in such a glorious way. It is within such moments that the cares of life, the todays and tomorrows, can easily slip away from sight and seem so unimportant.
I know my eyes as well reflect the flicker of the candle's glow. And I wonder what goes through her mind as she looks into the sparkle in my eyes. For in the midst of the flicker I know she sees within my eyes her own reflection. And both of us embrace the moment and warmly smile as if to say that it is good.

It is amazing what a little light can do, and what it can bring to a moment of a day. Reflecting in the eyes of all who come near to look upon it, it seems to draw attention when quiet finally comes. It is a soothing sight to look upon, giving off a its wondrous glow and warmth. Within the light the cares of life, the todays and tomorrows, can easily slip away from sight and seem so unimportant.
The Light of Christ is such a Light as this. It is amazing what His Light can really do. It is the peace to those who look upon it--a tranquil quiet flicker in the warmth of wondrous glow. Those who come near are drawn toward it's beauty. It calls to those who think to pass it by. And to those who would sit still within the quiet, it soon becomes the sparkle in their eye.
Now to those who have not seen the Light of God, there is for them an offering to see the Light of God residing in His children, reflected in the eyes of you and me. It is a shining testimony of the peace of God that shall always be. And it is to them an open invitation to come near, to draw near to God and to experience the warmth of His Love and the wonders of His grace.
We are the light of the world. The Light of God resides in us and will be reflected in our eyes as long as we keep our eyes on the Light. What is more, as we are in the light we become so much more. For as we look to God and He looks at us, we will see ourselves become the sparkle in our Father's eye--a light shining in the darkness--a testimony of His love, His grace and His peace. O that we can be the candles in this lost and darkened world.

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