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Wednesday, July 8, 2020 other day's devotionals

Today's Devotional Reading
A Note To The Perfectionist

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I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service (Rom.12:1).

The God who fashioned you before you existed and knew you while you were within your mother's womb is He who knows both your capabilities and your limitations. He is the manufacturer of your heart and the builder of your life, and in His wisdom, He does not expect you to be anything that you were not created to be.
However, God does expect us to do our best at whatever we do as though we do it for His benefit and not our own. And what is pleasing to Him is when He sees in us a fervent spirit that works hard and afterwards can settle back and find confidence in knowing that we have done a good job. Not that we might boast of ourselves, but that we might recognize our own hard work and find pleasure in a productive day--and within that, give glory to God for making us thus and so.
Yet many times we meet challenges and hit them with all we have only to find that we cannot do what we expect ourselves to do. We might lose heart and wonder where we went wrong. . ."Did I overestimate my abilities?" we might ask. But then perhaps we become like the pessimist who sees the glass half empty, and rather than seeing the hard work we have done, we diminish the good from it by reflecting only upon our limitations.
Jesus tells us in John 7:24 that we should "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." Yet we find that if we quickly turn around that we are often the only ones who are breathing down our necks or staring over our shoulders. We are our own worse critics, and we are often the first to proclaim that our best is not good enough. And rather than looking at what God has given us the ability to accomplish, we sneer our lips and mutter, "I should have done better!"
Perhaps we do not realize that when we have done our best and then reject it, we are not only putting down who we are but we are also putting God down. For we are the work of His hands and we should stand in awe of all that He has done. When God's creation functions the way it was supposed to it is a reason for praise. But for some reason His standard is not good enough for us. For if we live up to His expectations yet fall short of ours, we are somehow insinuating that we know better than God what is "acceptable" and that "which is [our] reasonable service."
There is a righteous pleasure that we can come to experience as we do our best at all we do. For in so doing we magnify our Creator as we allow ourselves as His creation to function the way He had purposed before we were born. As God is the maker of our person He is also the one who sets the standard that we are to live by. Trying to live up to our standards or the standards of others will often leave us feeling that we are somewhat of a failure. For though we are less than perfect, we often expect nothing less than perfect from ourselves. But God sees in truth, and as we learn to trust in what He thinks of us rather than what we or what others think, then we will come to accept who we are, and we will learn that our best is good enough, and worth giving glory to God for when we do it. In this we find what is that good and perfect and acceptable will of God, which is our reasonable service. We should look at ourselves through the eyes of God, for as we do we will see ourselves for who we really are--not less than, or greater than--but we shall know ourselves even as we are known--and then comes contentment to be the person God has made us to be.

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