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Thursday, March 22, 2018 other day's devotionals

Today's Devotional Reading
Moving Forward

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The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit (Jn.3:8).

The Spirit of God can be likened to the wind. You do not see it, but you can identify its presence by how it effects what it comes in contact with. You may not be able to see what God has been doing prior to a noticeable moving and you do not know what will transpire, yet if you are watching for His moving you will notice the effects of His Spirit in your life and the lives of those around you.
There are many ways that we like to see movement. Noticing that certain things are moving means to us that they have not ceased to function properly. If you are on hold for ten minutes and you hear music playing over the phone the whole time, you know that you are still on hold and that someone might pick up the line soon. But have someone place you on hold so that you hear nothing but silence, and pretty soon you may start wondering if you have been disconnected.
Computers cater to this need to be pacified as we wait. Seems most every computer now days has some sort of way to tell you that its working. It may display an hourglass or a "please wait" message, or something like that. The flashing light of a hard drive and the soft grinding noise that accompanies are good ways to see that the system has not locked up. These are indicators to us that there is still movement--that everything is still functioning as it should.
If a tree stops growing or does not bud, we assume it is dead or soon will be. If a river stops flowing and the water settles into individual pools, we know that if the water in those pools remains long enough that the water will stagnate--becoming lifeless.
There are many things that trouble us when we do not see the effects of movement. And there are some things that should trouble us perhaps a little more than they do. As those who are born of the Spirit, we are to be moving. Moving away from a previous state toward a new state, a state of maturity in Christ. If we can look at our lives and see no movement then the practical observation would be to see that something is wrong. Have we been disconnected from God? Have we locked up and become unable to function the way He has designed us? Have we stopped growing in Christ and become stagnate and empty of the abundant life of God?
Growing comfortable with "the way things are" leads to complacency. Complacency leads to spiritual stagnation. It is important for us to keep moving forward in our Christian walk, leaning on God for support along the way--asking Him to give us the strength to keep moving.
If the Spirit is moving in your life, you will see the effects of His movement as though it were the wind in the tree tops. If you cannot recall the last time you saw the effects of the movement of God then you have probably landed in a pool of stagnation. However, you do not have to stay there. Ask God to do what is necessary to get you moving again. Ask him to make you uncomfortable with complacency and the lack of desire to grow. He will show you what it will take to get your Christian walk moving forward again.

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